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I am a web designer specializing in digital design. At the intersection of brand identity, interaction, user interface design, and web project management. I like to work in a team to share processes and knowledge. Bringing solutions and working on projects that bring a personal touch. I am very interested in implementing responsible solutions by being as user friendly as possible. I am currently freelancing from France in Lyon.

Working at home and living at work.

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Bachelor's degree in digital project management

Master's degree in user experience

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Designer | Project manager


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Designer | Project manager


  • Design system
  • Interface conception
  • Prototyping
  • User interview
  • User research
  • Wireframing
  • Drift fan experience on mobile

    How do you create a post Covid fan experience that engages and brings together fans of an individual sport of your choice?

    The objective is to offer Drift enthusiasts interactive content highlighting the places where the practice of this sport is compatible.

    Make available to people on the platform the events where the community meets

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