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I am a web designer specializing in digital design. At the intersection of brand identity, interaction, user interface design, and web project management. I like to work in a team to share processes and knowledge. Bringing solutions and working on projects that bring a personal touch. I am very interested in implementing responsible solutions by being as user friendly as possible. I am currently freelancing from France in Lyon.

Working at home and living at work.

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Oclick, Application User case

Designer UI & UX


2020 - 2021



Designer UI & UX


  • Design system
  • Interface conception
  • Prototyping
  • User research
  • Wireframing
  • Facilitate the work of sales representatives

    The main objective of this application is to facilitate the work of sales administrators, and also to provide comfort in ordering for our customers

    To make available to customers an application regrouping their mercurial.

    In order to avoid the customer having to call the different departments of his suppliers to place his order. This will allow the customer to order while being in stock.

    Freelance mission

    My mission for Oclick took place over 20 days split over 3 months. I was contacted with a fairly complete project brief. The client’s need was to produce an internal solution for their structure at first. The main objective was to help their client and facilitate the exchanges between the restaurant owners (client) and the suppliers of the goods (the company). The need identified for this product was to imagine a concept around the taking of orders and the exchange of precise information between two interlocutors.


    Following the benchmark, we had to imagine the entire user path by taking into account the technical needs of the business sector to propose a usable mvp.

    Graphic charter

    To begin with, it was important to validate the identity and the graphic charter of our product. Oclick is a mobile application that is oriented for business to business. We therefore chose to put forward a strong color and press buttons on the menu sections. To give the maximum visual cues to users, we decided to charter each section with illustrations.

    Design System

    The creation of the design system allowed us to clearly document all the components and design templates. Working in a small team it was important to facilitate the collaboration between developers and designers. To create an environment specific to our product that makes it more scalable and allows a more constant and clear evolution. Here are some examples of elements that make up the design system

    User interface

    A sample screen I produced

    For this mission I worked on the whole product by making a mvp quite successful in terms of use. After having defined the whole user path and the design system, here is a sample of the interfaces that have been produced.






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